Saturday, September 19, 2009

How is Your Day?

Calvin and Hobbes

I hope it is going better than this!


Gloria said...


Teashop Girl said...

I adore Calvin and Hobbes. Thanks for reminding me of my favorite comic strip of all time! :)

jojo said...

I've still got time to pull out a better day than that! How's your day going??

Linda said...

Hey, girlfriends,
I'm so glad you decided to come by for a visit today!

Isn't Calvin a crazy kid? His philosophy of life is so true to life.

Jojo, I've had a pretty good day. The hubby is finishing replacing the siding that got damaged during a hail storm, and I'm ready to turn on the AC. It is getting hot...just like August usually is.

Lynda said...

Poor Calvin!