Saturday, September 12, 2009

Honoring September 11th: He Kept Us Safe

by John Nolte

My sense that the September 11th attacks would transcend partisan politics lasted less than a few days. That may sound cynical, but after counting myself as one of them for over a decade, I know how the Left thinks and I knew what was coming.

Within days of the attacks, it began. Without a word, those who had endlessly looped the video of the beating of Rodney King stopped airing footage of Americans jumping to their deaths from the burning World Trade Center. Not long after, those who would later sear the images of a few misfits at Abu Ghraib into the hearts and minds of the enemy, began the inevitable murmurs of “being responsible” when it came to airing footage of passenger planes exploding into the towers.

Soon, and predictably, the footage all but disappeared.

Step one at chipping away at our resolve was complete, and all in the name of a few sophisticates doing what was best for us.

What followed was also expected.

The Leftists, these Enablers of Evil, stopped at nothing. Skewed coverage, front-page CIA leaks, taking it to the streets, Hollywood’s unholy brand of patriotism…The list is as endless as the dirty work was relentless. And yet, as they wielded their worst, 50 million people in two countries were liberated and we have not been attacked again … because of something else we’ve come to expect.

The valor and bravery of those charged with keeping us safe: The United States Military, the CIA (especially the interrogators), the FBI, our first responders and finally, something that was not expected…

The mettle of President George W. Bush.

“He kept us safe” is not an argument of last resort after the other side has finished ticking off well-rehearsed talking points, it is why George W. Bush is a great man.

He Kept Us Safe.

And while he did, while the Enemy Within rained hell on him, this uncommonly decent man stood firm as he grew old before our eyes.

Where this country would be had he not possessed such unexpected grit is unthinkable.

And we now know what it is to live with the unease of him not being there.

God bless the men and women who guard the wall. God bless President Bush. God bless the grand and noble experiment that produced them.


Grandma J said...

And God bless you, Linda. No matter what anyone thinks about George Bush, he never bashed his predecessor...then or now. He just doesn't go there.

herb said...

I know where we would be, and it wouldn't be Iraq!
We would have finished the job in Afghanistan, there would be no economic crisis (brought on largely by government spending from Bush in Iraq), Afghanistan would be a historical footnote and we would be at peace.
Tell me again how great George was?!

Penny said...

I don't care what anyone says (ahem, Herb) I love GWB and don't blame him for our mess. What about all the Dems that have been in control for years?! GWB is not perfect, but he is moral and loyal and, in my opinion, did what he felt was truly best for our country--- for us. Can't say the same for every politician!

Z said...

I had problems with Bush now and again,I have to admit...but, mostly, I knew he LOVED this country and wanted to keep us safe.
What I wouldn't DO to have that inarticulate, open-borders president BACK.
If only our left hadn't dissed him so much that our enemies have become so emboldened...they know OUR LEFT is all they need to ruin us.

Debbie in CA : ) said...

GWB: A man deserving honor but receiving something else from so many in this Free Country. I thank him (and you for posting this).

Poor Herb . . . bitterness misdirected is so sad (and hard to stomach). When, oh when, will personal responsibility become fashionable again?

Linda said...

Thanks GJ. GWB never did bash his country, either. He never apologized for us to other world leaders.

Thanks for joining the blog talk, Herb. Even when we don't agree on everything, or even anything, the blog is open for discussion. Just don't be rude.

Thanks for being a loyal reader and commentator, Penny. I love it when you visit.

Z, I agree with you. We have never had a president who was perfect, but GWB loves America!

Debbie in CA, GWB is a man deserving honor and respect. I miss his down to earth ways and speeches. He wasn't one to grab the microphone every other day, or at least that seems like it is happening today.

Come back, ya'all!