Wednesday, September 16, 2009


God works in mysterious ways.

My mother's father worked as a carpenter. On this particular day, he
was building some crates for the clothes his church was sending to
orphanages in China. On his way home, he reached into his shirt pocket
to find his glasses, but they were gone. When he mentally replayed his
earlier actions, he realized what had happened; the glasses had slipped
out of his pocket unnoticed and fallen into one of the crates, which he
had nailed shut.

His brand new glasses were heading for China!

The Great Depression was at its height and Grandpa had six children.

He had spent $20 for those glasses that very morning. He was upset by
the thought of having to buy another pair.

It's not fair, he told God as he drove home in frustration.

I've been very faithful in giving of my time and money to your work, and now this.

Months later, the director of the orphanage was on furlough in the
United States. He wanted to visit all the churches that supported him
in China, so he came to speak one Sunday at my grandfather's small
church in Chicago.

The missionary began by thanking the people for their faithfulness in supporting him.

But most of all, he said, I must thank you for the glasses you sent last.

You see, the Communists had just swept through the orphanage,
destroying everything, including my glasses.

I was desperate. Even if I had the money, there was simply no way of
replacing those glasses. Along with not being able to see well.

I experienced headaches every day, so my coworkers and I were much in
prayer about this.

Then your crates arrived.

When my staff removed the covers, they found a pair of glasses lying on top.

The missionary paused long enough to let his words sink in.

Then, still gripped with the wonder of it all, he continued:

Folks, when I tried on the glasses, it was as though they had been
custom made just for me!

I want to thank you for being a part of that.

The people listened, happy for the miraculous glasses. But the
missionary surely must have confused their church with another, they
thought. There were no glasses on their list of items to be sent overseas.

But sitting quietly in the back, with tears streaming down his face,
an ordinary carpenter realized the Master Carpenter had used
him in an extraordinary way.

There are times we want to blame God instead of thanking him!

Perhaps we ought to try to thank Him more often. May GOD bless your week.
Look for the perfect mistakes.

People are like tea bags - you have to put them in hot water before you know how
strong they are.

~Harry S. Truman~

This is a true story!


Hannah said...

That is really good! It makes you think twice about things that happen. It is all for a reason! It gave me goosebumps!

Penny said...

So cool! I read one story a while back about a little girl giving her savings (for a bike) for a missionary's child that had malaria and the church wanted to send him a bike. Years later, she, her fiance, and her parents were all eating together for the first time. His parents started talking about their mission work and the fiance chimed in about his bout with malaria and receiving a blue bike. Yep, you guessed it--- she had helped buy her future husband a bike. Talk about knowing he's "the one." lol

Gloria said...

Another great posting Linda and, as with Hannah, I was left with goosebumps too!

Big hugs to you Linda . . and have a great day!!

Linda said...

Thanks for stopping by, girls!

I agree, Hannah and Gloria....goosebumps when we see our God work!

Penny, what a neat story! Thanks for sharing!