Friday, July 27, 2007

A Page From Tesa

Okay, I don't know how to do the poll that Tesa did, but I would like your imput.

I want to paint the south wall of the kitchen. Should I do it a conservative, pale green, or should I go bold?

If bold, what color should I do it?

Give me your feedback.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my....

Well, I was told I needed to do an update on the remodeling job! Are you sure you want to see what is going on?

What a mess we have! There is dust everywhere, boxes full of cabinets, lumber with nails, boxes of tiles, and did I mention the dust? (Does anyone want to volunteer to come and help out?)

Anyway, here are a few of the pictures!
The sewing cabinet is gone! New cabinets will be placed here!

Here is dad putting the finishing touch on the drywall. He now needs to finish the wall so he can get the paint on it. We are going to be really brave, and paint it..........WHITE!

In case you can't tell, this is the new shower he is working on.

It is a nice shower!

This is where the new toilet is going to go!

There is going to be a 4' light above it so we can use the time on the throne productively!

I also think we need a fold-down table so we can do our sudoku puzzles!

The old medicine cabinet is going back in this place, but the lights are going to be GONE!

We are putting another 4' fluorescent light over the new sink.

The guest room needs a lot of attention before we have any more guests!

Before we hang the pictures, I also want the hallway painted!

The living room-dining room have become the new storage warehouse!

Do you think we can have it done by our Christmas? If not, guess what we'll be doing instead of eating turkey?

This is the new sink! It will sit on an oak base, and I think it will be very nice.

Do you suppose we (meaning me) can keep it clean? We are using the same faucets.

This is the stuff I get to go through, and get organized in the new cabinets, when they get hung.

I think this is a work in progress, just like our lives! We have so much "stuff" to go through, it is hard to see the things that matter!

These are what matters to us!

Did I mention the DUST?

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Is There an End in Sight?

Well, Vern has been working on this bathroom for over a week now, and it brings to mind the TV shows we have seen about houses being demolished, and rebuilt in a week. How do they do that? He told me today that the rain we have had is slowing him down. You just needed to be there to understand!

He got the shower installed yesterday, and is hanging drywall today. He used 7 sheets of drywall.

The sewing cabinet is walled in, and he has done some wiring. Tomorrow, we are going to Hays to look for cabinets on that wall. Hopefully, we will find ones that match the ones in the kitchen. We also need to get the stool and sink with vanity. He also wants to find the tile. I want white, that can be laid flat, with no "divots" to clean. I hope we can find a stool, with little, or no, little crevasses to clean.

I think we will be happy with it, if it EVER gets done.

Maybe, if we are lucky, it will be done by our Christmas! LOL!!!

Saturday, July 14, 2007


We read in the paper today that the driver of the car crossed the median, going east (south, if you look at a map)and went under the truck.

Friday, July 13, 2007

A Wild Time in the Ole Town Tonight....

If anyone thinks living in a small town is boring, they weren't in Mingo last night!

We just came home from going to the Mingo overpass because we heard about a terrible accident. We went to see for ourselves.

It looks like a semi lost it's rear dual tires:

Here is a picture of the wheels:

The tragedy of this is the car the wheels hit: We don't know if there were any fatalities, but we heard there was at least one.

As we've all said, we need to be ready when the Lord calls us home!

After all of that, we had a terrible storm. The wind, lightening, and rain started around 10:30. There was a lot of damage, as you can see:

Here is a picture of the roof of dad's shop.....again!

What is left of Aunt Lana's fence!

This is where it landed!

As you can see, we had a lot of damage. We don't think it was a tornado, but probably a wind shear. Nobody was hurt, and we didn't lose any shingles! :)

Of course, I slept through it all!

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First the mess.....

Well, Vern has started on the new bathroom. What a mess we have. Actually, it could be worse because he is cleaning up after each thing he takes out!

Can anybody guess what this is?
The answer at the end of the page!

I asked him a long time ago if we could remodel the main bathroom. I want a handicapped one, because someday we aren't going to be so young and able to do things that need to be done!

We plan on living in our house for many more years, and a handicapped bathroom may make all the difference of where we live during our "last" days.

He is putting in a shower that is on the 45 degree angle, with grab bars, a higher stool, with grab bars, and a new sink.

I am so excited about getting rid of all the old wall paper. It has been in that bathroom for 31 years, and I want it gone. We are also getting new paint and a new tile floor.

He is also putting in a 36" door, just in case we ever have to have wheelchairs.

I lost my sewing cabinet, but I haven't sewn anything for so many years, I don't think I will miss it. I hope the "U Save Shop" will have someone who wants the material and patterns that were in it.

This reminds me of what our lives are like when the Lord finally gets us. He has to clean out all the mess and make us new. He gets rid of the stuff that doesn't need to be there, and He makes us new creatures. Just imagine what it will be like when we are PERFECT!

{The Answer to the Picture: it is a mouse ladder! I wonder how many we have in our insulation throughout the house?}

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Ahh! Home

It was so good to be in church this morning. We missed 2 Sundays because of our trip, and it felt like we were gone for so long.

Pastor talked about the Brotherhood of the church, and I can truly say it was so good to see the "Brotherhood" this morning. So often we take the people of our church for granted, and that we will always be able to see them next time, but you never know when our Lord will take one home.

It felt like we were "Home" today. How I love the people we worship with.

Thank you, Lord, for our Mingo Bible Church family.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


Well, I was told that I needed to add some details to our here goes. When we were at Disneyland, we should have taken advantage of all of the rides, especially the roller coasters. Here is a picture of the one we would have gone on, if we had gone on one!

This is the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster!

If we had done what most people had done when they go to California, we would have seen...

Then we would have gone on to.....

After Hoover Dam we would have swung south to see....

The Grand Canyon!

Of course, we shouldn't have missed the....

Since some of you noticed the "bugs" on the windshield, here is the pictures of the scenery we should have taken....

The desert!

The beautiful lakes in the mountains!

However, here are some more of the actual pictures of our trip:

Dave with the twins!

Here is a picture of Christie, Gary and Sherry.

Christie and her attendants.

Christie and the Cinderella Carriage! The horse was found on an Amish farm, and pulls the carriage for lots of "Princess'" weddings!

Christie and her nieces;
Cara, Rosemary, Kennedy,
Chloe, Michaela and Courtney.
What pretty girls!

Dave & Jim

Linda and Lana at the Colorado sign!

Linda & Vern

And finally, here is Vern! He is plenty tuckered out after our long, but fun trip!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

After the anticipation!

Wow! 3000 miles! 3 Motel Rooms! (all included breakfast!) 5 lo-o-ong days! (3 going and 2 coming home!

We started on Sunday, June 24. We went to Dave & Regina's for a "coming home, going away" party for Patrick. Lots of good food, and fun people. Patrick came home from Korea safely, and will now be deployed to Iraq in November. He looks good, and has learned a lot. We will remember him in our prayers.

On Monday, after a dental appointment for Vern, we headed west. We made it to Grand Junction, CO early evening. Had a good supper and went to bed! We were tired! (Our trip was just beginning.)

On Tuesday, we drove into Las Vegas, or the city of "Lost Wages." It was hot, and crowded. We drove down the "strip", but couldn't figure out if we wanted to stay in a casino or not. We ended up on the west end of town, and stayed in a motel there. They had shuttle service to the casinos so we decided we needed to at least see one, and maybe get supper there. What a joke! We ended up walking through a couple of them, found a place to eat, but it was so noisy, we decided to go back and get the car. Well, by the time we got back, over an hour had passed, and we were cooked. We had a cookie, and a glass of water, and slept on very comfortable beds with the best pillows!

On Wednesday, we got up, had breakfast and finished the drive into Los Angeles. We arrived at Aunt Sherry's about lunchtime. We had a wonderful visit with her, and also with the rest of the family as they all came over.

On Saturday, THE BIG DAY, we had a BEAUTIFUL wedding, in a beautiful garden full of roses, on a very HOT day in Disneyland! Christie looked every bit the princess. She rode up to the wedding in the Cinderella Coach! She carried beautiful roses, and looked so pretty. Roger looked pretty good too! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the two of them, but maybe you can tell what he looks like in the dance picture. We pray the Lord's blessing on the marriage of Christie and Roger! That is a picture of Katherine with Christie!

The reception had delicious food, and wonderful music. The little ones weren't afraid to get out on the dance floor.

It was a wonderful party! All of the siblings were there, and we have pictures to prove it! If you look closely, you can tell us apart. Dave and Sherry are the thin ones! Left to right, Lana, Sherry, Me, back row, Dave (lost lots of weight), and Jim.

On Sunday, we started the trip in reverse. We made it to Grand Junction on Sunday, and home on Monday. We all did sudoku, and sometimes we think we are getting the hang of if! I guess we can drive to either coast in 2 days.

We saw the beautiful scenery God created. The mountains are majestic, and the desert is dry! We had a great trip, but we are really glad to be back home. That is the best place to be.