Friday, July 27, 2007

A Page From Tesa

Okay, I don't know how to do the poll that Tesa did, but I would like your imput.

I want to paint the south wall of the kitchen. Should I do it a conservative, pale green, or should I go bold?

If bold, what color should I do it?

Give me your feedback.


Joshua said...

if you go to edit layout : settings : add and element : at the top is add a poll.

It depends on what your other colors are going to be. If you go bold you need to have some softer tones on other walls. I think. Or what about an fabric or antique???? Takes longer to paint but looks cool.

Tesa said...

Your post reads 5:15 AM???? Do decisions like this wake you up in the morning??!!!
I'm thinking about your painting question... I know that your tile has some dark green tones... Is there some hints of sage in your family room rug? You want it all to blend and flow...

Max & Mason said...

What's wrong with Colby Eagle's colors, black and orange?