Saturday, July 7, 2007


Well, I was told that I needed to add some details to our here goes. When we were at Disneyland, we should have taken advantage of all of the rides, especially the roller coasters. Here is a picture of the one we would have gone on, if we had gone on one!

This is the Big Thunder Mountain roller coaster!

If we had done what most people had done when they go to California, we would have seen...

Then we would have gone on to.....

After Hoover Dam we would have swung south to see....

The Grand Canyon!

Of course, we shouldn't have missed the....

Since some of you noticed the "bugs" on the windshield, here is the pictures of the scenery we should have taken....

The desert!

The beautiful lakes in the mountains!

However, here are some more of the actual pictures of our trip:

Dave with the twins!

Here is a picture of Christie, Gary and Sherry.

Christie and her attendants.

Christie and the Cinderella Carriage! The horse was found on an Amish farm, and pulls the carriage for lots of "Princess'" weddings!

Christie and her nieces;
Cara, Rosemary, Kennedy,
Chloe, Michaela and Courtney.
What pretty girls!

Dave & Jim

Linda and Lana at the Colorado sign!

Linda & Vern

And finally, here is Vern! He is plenty tuckered out after our long, but fun trip!


Lana's Blog said...

Gee, if we had done all those things we still wouldn't be home and I still wouldn't have ankles. Maybe next time!!

Phil said...

Ok, I won't say anything about the bugs on the windshield, but there was some bird do on the Colorado sign. :)

I have no idea who those girls are in the picture with the nieses.
For some reason the only name I recognize is Kennedy's. I suppose the same is for me and my family. We should have another Adams reunion.