Tuesday, July 3, 2007

After the anticipation!

Wow! 3000 miles! 3 Motel Rooms! (all included breakfast!) 5 lo-o-ong days! (3 going and 2 coming home!

We started on Sunday, June 24. We went to Dave & Regina's for a "coming home, going away" party for Patrick. Lots of good food, and fun people. Patrick came home from Korea safely, and will now be deployed to Iraq in November. He looks good, and has learned a lot. We will remember him in our prayers.

On Monday, after a dental appointment for Vern, we headed west. We made it to Grand Junction, CO early evening. Had a good supper and went to bed! We were tired! (Our trip was just beginning.)

On Tuesday, we drove into Las Vegas, or the city of "Lost Wages." It was hot, and crowded. We drove down the "strip", but couldn't figure out if we wanted to stay in a casino or not. We ended up on the west end of town, and stayed in a motel there. They had shuttle service to the casinos so we decided we needed to at least see one, and maybe get supper there. What a joke! We ended up walking through a couple of them, found a place to eat, but it was so noisy, we decided to go back and get the car. Well, by the time we got back, over an hour had passed, and we were cooked. We had a cookie, and a glass of water, and slept on very comfortable beds with the best pillows!

On Wednesday, we got up, had breakfast and finished the drive into Los Angeles. We arrived at Aunt Sherry's about lunchtime. We had a wonderful visit with her, and also with the rest of the family as they all came over.

On Saturday, THE BIG DAY, we had a BEAUTIFUL wedding, in a beautiful garden full of roses, on a very HOT day in Disneyland! Christie looked every bit the princess. She rode up to the wedding in the Cinderella Coach! She carried beautiful roses, and looked so pretty. Roger looked pretty good too! I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the two of them, but maybe you can tell what he looks like in the dance picture. We pray the Lord's blessing on the marriage of Christie and Roger! That is a picture of Katherine with Christie!

The reception had delicious food, and wonderful music. The little ones weren't afraid to get out on the dance floor.

It was a wonderful party! All of the siblings were there, and we have pictures to prove it! If you look closely, you can tell us apart. Dave and Sherry are the thin ones! Left to right, Lana, Sherry, Me, back row, Dave (lost lots of weight), and Jim.

On Sunday, we started the trip in reverse. We made it to Grand Junction on Sunday, and home on Monday. We all did sudoku, and sometimes we think we are getting the hang of if! I guess we can drive to either coast in 2 days.

We saw the beautiful scenery God created. The mountains are majestic, and the desert is dry! We had a great trip, but we are really glad to be back home. That is the best place to be.


Phil said...

Aunt Sherry looks like grandma did and Uncle Dave looks like grandpa did. It sounds like a fast trip. In fact it was so fast that you couldnt even stop for to take a picture out of the car! Or is the sky over Colorado that streaked with bugs?

Tesa said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures! Looks like a beautiful wedding and sounds like a great trip!

Max & Mason said...

What? No pictures of Hoover Dam? The Grand Canyon? Hearst Castle? The world's largest ball of string? Did you ride any roller-coasters?

Sounds like a good time. Uncles Dave and Jim look great. Mason's going to be confused now, because she doesn't have a Red Grandma. You, mom and aunt Sherry look good too.

You'll need to post a picture of Uncle Vern soon, so we know he exists.

Welcome home.