Thursday, July 26, 2007

Oh my, Oh my, Oh my....

Well, I was told I needed to do an update on the remodeling job! Are you sure you want to see what is going on?

What a mess we have! There is dust everywhere, boxes full of cabinets, lumber with nails, boxes of tiles, and did I mention the dust? (Does anyone want to volunteer to come and help out?)

Anyway, here are a few of the pictures!
The sewing cabinet is gone! New cabinets will be placed here!

Here is dad putting the finishing touch on the drywall. He now needs to finish the wall so he can get the paint on it. We are going to be really brave, and paint it..........WHITE!

In case you can't tell, this is the new shower he is working on.

It is a nice shower!

This is where the new toilet is going to go!

There is going to be a 4' light above it so we can use the time on the throne productively!

I also think we need a fold-down table so we can do our sudoku puzzles!

The old medicine cabinet is going back in this place, but the lights are going to be GONE!

We are putting another 4' fluorescent light over the new sink.

The guest room needs a lot of attention before we have any more guests!

Before we hang the pictures, I also want the hallway painted!

The living room-dining room have become the new storage warehouse!

Do you think we can have it done by our Christmas? If not, guess what we'll be doing instead of eating turkey?

This is the new sink! It will sit on an oak base, and I think it will be very nice.

Do you suppose we (meaning me) can keep it clean? We are using the same faucets.

This is the stuff I get to go through, and get organized in the new cabinets, when they get hung.

I think this is a work in progress, just like our lives! We have so much "stuff" to go through, it is hard to see the things that matter!

These are what matters to us!

Did I mention the DUST?


Tesa said...

What a great project!! I think the white will be lovely! Such a nice update! I wish I were there to help you "organize"- seriously! Look forward to seeing it all in person!

P.S. Glad you have the perspective of what is most important... and that we made the list! :)

Phil said...

I didn't see any dust. Is Dad keeping it that clean!?! He is so nice so that you don't have to condend with dust. As for the organizing if you haven't used it or have even seen it in the last decade PITCH IT! Remember what you did 10 years ago? You were at our weddings. So if it has been buried for that long you obvousily don't need it.
It looks as if Dad is really enjoying working on something other than mud or grease for a change.
Looks like fun!

P.S. A person can get hemoroids sitting for too long. So don't make it too comfortable.