Friday, July 13, 2007

A Wild Time in the Ole Town Tonight....

If anyone thinks living in a small town is boring, they weren't in Mingo last night!

We just came home from going to the Mingo overpass because we heard about a terrible accident. We went to see for ourselves.

It looks like a semi lost it's rear dual tires:

Here is a picture of the wheels:

The tragedy of this is the car the wheels hit: We don't know if there were any fatalities, but we heard there was at least one.

As we've all said, we need to be ready when the Lord calls us home!

After all of that, we had a terrible storm. The wind, lightening, and rain started around 10:30. There was a lot of damage, as you can see:

Here is a picture of the roof of dad's shop.....again!

What is left of Aunt Lana's fence!

This is where it landed!

As you can see, we had a lot of damage. We don't think it was a tornado, but probably a wind shear. Nobody was hurt, and we didn't lose any shingles! :)

Of course, I slept through it all!

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Phil said...

I see that you didn't loose any shingles. They were just peeled back on the shop roof.

Just remember to click your ruby shoes together three times and say "Theres no place like home"