Wednesday, July 11, 2007

First the mess.....

Well, Vern has started on the new bathroom. What a mess we have. Actually, it could be worse because he is cleaning up after each thing he takes out!

Can anybody guess what this is?
The answer at the end of the page!

I asked him a long time ago if we could remodel the main bathroom. I want a handicapped one, because someday we aren't going to be so young and able to do things that need to be done!

We plan on living in our house for many more years, and a handicapped bathroom may make all the difference of where we live during our "last" days.

He is putting in a shower that is on the 45 degree angle, with grab bars, a higher stool, with grab bars, and a new sink.

I am so excited about getting rid of all the old wall paper. It has been in that bathroom for 31 years, and I want it gone. We are also getting new paint and a new tile floor.

He is also putting in a 36" door, just in case we ever have to have wheelchairs.

I lost my sewing cabinet, but I haven't sewn anything for so many years, I don't think I will miss it. I hope the "U Save Shop" will have someone who wants the material and patterns that were in it.

This reminds me of what our lives are like when the Lord finally gets us. He has to clean out all the mess and make us new. He gets rid of the stuff that doesn't need to be there, and He makes us new creatures. Just imagine what it will be like when we are PERFECT!

{The Answer to the Picture: it is a mouse ladder! I wonder how many we have in our insulation throughout the house?}


Phil said...

Well there is at least a couple more mouse ladders and a mouse football field, a mouse stadium, a mouse bar, a mouse hotel, a mouse this and a mouse that. I know, I used to sleep under them in the basement.

Carole said...

Are you taking progress pictures??

I agree Phillip ... I'm sure there is lots of mouse entertainment in that house :)