Thursday, July 19, 2007

Is There an End in Sight?

Well, Vern has been working on this bathroom for over a week now, and it brings to mind the TV shows we have seen about houses being demolished, and rebuilt in a week. How do they do that? He told me today that the rain we have had is slowing him down. You just needed to be there to understand!

He got the shower installed yesterday, and is hanging drywall today. He used 7 sheets of drywall.

The sewing cabinet is walled in, and he has done some wiring. Tomorrow, we are going to Hays to look for cabinets on that wall. Hopefully, we will find ones that match the ones in the kitchen. We also need to get the stool and sink with vanity. He also wants to find the tile. I want white, that can be laid flat, with no "divots" to clean. I hope we can find a stool, with little, or no, little crevasses to clean.

I think we will be happy with it, if it EVER gets done.

Maybe, if we are lucky, it will be done by our Christmas! LOL!!!


Carole said...

You should cut him some slack.... he's getting to be an old man, y'know! Besides, those home makeover shows have HUNDREDS of people working together on the house ... daddy's doing it on his own.

Love you DAD! You are an amazing man!

Joshua said...

I think that he just needs some jello caffeine shots... This should get him on his toes!

Phil said...

Hey I understand the rain! He should take a few days off so that he can let it dry out. Maybe he could run into town and grab some coffee and a donut or two.
As for the shows with hundreds of people only one person is in charge, the Crew Chief, and he is eating donuts and drinking coffee.