Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Our Weekend with the grandkids!

Well, we went to see the grandkids this past weekend. It is amazing how they are all growing up! Our little D is standing, and before we know it, she will be taking off after her sister and brothers! She just smiles...all the time!

We got to see the boys ride their bikes without their training wheels. They can really go fast! J fell a couple of times, but he was a trooper, and hardly cried at all. N can make that little bike go! We can tell that L is looking forward to being on a two wheeler, so she can keep up with her brothers.

On Saturday night, Josh brought over Kiana and her children. They were very welcome, and it was good to meet them. Her kids are really sweet too.

We all enjoyed the hot dogs and bratz cooked over the fire. Thanks Phil for doing that for us. The heat was terrible! All the food was good, and the chiggers got to eat too. I hope they really enjoyed all our flesh. We are itching!

We went to church on Sunday morning, and enjoyed the fellowship. Communion was good too.

P and T got to go on a DATE! Auntie C sent movie tickets, so they went to an afternoon movie, and G'ma and G'pa got to babysit. We all had fun!

On Monday morning, we had a special breakfast with Josh. It was good to spend some alone time with him.

We did find out that Phil can make wonderful cinnamon rolls. Thanks Phil!

We came home, and the cleaning fairy forgot to come! One of these days, the bathroom will be done, and I can clean.

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