Saturday, June 23, 2007


Oh the anticipation of it! Do I have everything done? Is the laundry done? Is the house cleaned up? Did I remember to freeze the water so we'll have cold water? Are the maps printed out, and are they in the car? The Car! Oh, Lana took care of that. It is all serviced, tires rotated, and ready to go!


We are leaving tomorrow, and there is so much to be done! We will be gone for about 10 days.

This morning we got our nails done, and our hair cut. We do want to look nice for our family. It is going to be so nice to see our siblings. It has been a long time since we have all been together.

Jim and Barb, and Dave and Regina will be flying. We are driving!

We are going to California to Christie's wedding. She is getting married at Disneyland! She is going to be a princess for a day! She is a sheriff's deputy, so she carries a gun in her job, and is probably ready to just look pretty for a day!

The trip takes us through the mountains, so we should see some beautiful scenery! The desert has its beauty too. We will go out on I70 and we will probably drive into Los Angeles on Thursday. Sherry is expecting us, and is so excited about our coming. We will be staying at her house, because they are all staying at Disneyland.

I hope we won't forget to live in the present and not the future. We need to learn to live today and not spend too much time in anticipation for tomorrow.

I'll probably not be able to write while I'm gone, but will post when we get home.

Another day on the journey of our lives!

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