Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Inspiration

Take the time to watch this wonderful video. What talent the Lord has given this little girl!


Gloria said...

Hey there Linda . . it's me . . Gloria! Just a quick word to say I will be back blogging soon towards the end of February beginning March. I am newly back in Spain but later today depart for the Caribbean to spend time with my family. Hopefully I will have some wonderful photos and stories to share upon my return.

Linda I saw this very inspirational programme on tv some time ago and was totally amazed. Yes, this girl is truly blessed and we all are in some special way if we take the time to look and discover.

Have missed visiting with you my friend but with Gods Blessings, I will be back with you and the rest of my bloggies in a very short while.

Hugs to you Linda!!

Linda, I notice you have moderation on . . what gives?

Linda said...

Gloria? Gloria? Gloria, who? Wait, is coming to me! Oh, my friend, Gloria, from Spain! I kind of remember you! LOL! We've missed you, friend! Come back soon!

As for moderation...I'd been getting 'Charlie Chan' or someone, who kept commenting, and my daughter told me it was a 'bot' (robot), and they can't read the 'moderation word' so I reluctantly put it back on. Sorry.