Monday, October 25, 2010

Political Cartoon of the Day

Political Cartoon Of The Day


glnroz said...

lol,, now that's funnie,, i dont care who ya are,, lol

Charlene said...

It's not funny, it's political. Humor is self-deprecation, reviewing something silly someone said, laughing about a silly thing you did or making a joke out of any of those things.

Lana said...

Boy, Charlene, I'll just bet you are a barrel of laughs to be around. You have no sense of humor and all of your comments are so nasty. With the political climate the way it is today, if we didn't laugh we would all be crying. Come on November 2nd.

Charlene said...

Now that's just mean. SMILE

But I digress.

It is my belief that humor is not a negative. If it is necessary to speak badly about some one person, group, race, religion, political party, etc. to find a laugh, you're looking in all the wrong places for a laugh.

Consider that when someone makes a joke about your political party, race, religion or gender and you don't laugh, the reverse is also true. If you can turn a so called joke around to denigrating what you believe in and still find it funny, then it's humor. If you cannot, then it's not humor. It is something else.

That corgi :) said...

I enjoy looking at political cartoons like this, kind of like reading an editor's opinion. Some might make you smile, some might make you frown, some might make you laugh outloud or cry. Are they humorous? Some are downright really funny. I thought this was cleverly done and imaginative with the cartoon. I hope you continue to share what you want to share on your blog and if some might take offense then I think they need to remember it is your blog to share what you want and perhaps choose not to read it or comment on it.


Linda said...

Thanks everyone. I agree wholeheartedly with Betty! This is my blog, and if you don't like what I post, delete me from your reader; however, all are welcome here. I don't really mind some dissent, because that is what makes us individuals. If we were all the same, we wouldn't mind if the gov't ran every aspect of our lives.

I like my freedoms, and so far, freedom of speech is still one of them we have.

I hope it isn't windy where you live. It is blowing up a storm here. Winter is on its' way!

Charlene said...

Thank you Linda.

As to what Linda posts, it is her blog and she of course posts what she chooses to. I'm not sure who said she should not; certainly not me.

I'll "try" to lurk more and comment less.

Linda said...

No, Charlene, don't just lurk. We need to hear (read) different ideas. You are welcome here.