Friday, March 13, 2009


Well, while I am posting, I figured I'd better say something about our trip to Amarillo last weekend to see the daughter, her husband, and the oldest grandchild!

We left on Friday morning, ate lunch in Guyman, and made it to their house around 3 in the afternoon. Of course, we were greeted by all the dogs! She has beautiful boxers, a new litter of 6 little pups, and a spoiled King Charles spaniel.

I wanted pictures to prove that we do go there once in a while! Larry was there, but no picture of him! Vern also was there!

Zach is a typical teenager...lounges on the couch and plays with his iPod, and his mom's phone.

Our wonderful grandson even gave up his bed for us! He slept on a recliner!

Isn't he sweet!

He a lot taller than G'Ma!

I did get a kiss on his cheek!

We finished the weekend with a wonderful breakfast at the local Cracker Barrel! Thanks G'pa!

By the way, if any of you are interested, G'pa counted 84 of these suckers from Amarillo to Guyman, OK!

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Joshua said...

I am glad that you had fun in A. I see all the generators. They just put a lot up in Iowa. I am protesting them because they are slowing down the Jet Stream. They are changing our weather.