Friday, August 20, 2010

Two Americas

Two Americas


Charlene said...

I'm not sure why, but you are stating that all things bad are done by Democrats while not analyzing bad things done by Republicans? Odd.

There is plenty of avarice and class hate to go around, as is immoral behavior.

Linda said...

Yes, Charlene, there is enough hate to go around, but this instance is so blatant, it needs to be shared. Neither you or I would be able to get this kind of treatment, because we don't 'hob-knob' with the right people. Maybe I shouldn't have included you in this group because I don't know you.

I just think Mrs. P was wrong to use her power in this way.

Sorry if I offended you.

Missy said...

Mrs. P is definitely wrong about this and everything else she represents. We have are in debt at 13 Trillion dollars and counting... All of this cannot be blamed on the Rep party.

Charlene said...

I believe if as much scruteny were put to analyzing what eveey GOP elected official in DC has done when in power, you would find simiilar actions. Just a guess, but somehow the person publishing that article you linked never even looked there.

We had a House Representative here in Louisville who used her influence to get a contract moving through more expediciously through channels, for her husband. It should have been prosecuted. It was not. I believe the reason it was not was at the time our Senator was Senate Majority Leader.