Tuesday, January 26, 2010


As most of you know, I read a lot of political blogs, and today I wanted to put in my 2 cents worth.

I think the Republicans will take back the Congress and Senate, BUT, they can't just sit back on their collective 'butts' and do nothing. They need to get a plan that will work in our country.

I think healthcare needs to be reworked, but it can't be made mandatory for 'everyone'. Insurance companies need to become competitive by being able to sell across state lines. Americans need to learn to use their healthcare like we do our car insurance...for major things, not like colds, etc.
Hospitals and Doctors need to be able to give a 'discount for cash' for those who don't have insurance, but the cash needs to be paid the day services are done.

Americans need to realize that abortions are a blight on our country. We've killed so many generations, it is no wonder we don't have a recurring base of people to enter the work force and provide money for taxes and social security. It is also an abomination to our Lord.

The blacks need to quit bringing 'race' into every argument. Just because we disagree with what is being done doesn't mean we are 'racist' or bigoted.

English needs to be made the official language. If we went to another country you know they wouldn't change their language, or provide someone to interpret for us.

We need to quit 'dumbing down' our school systems. Where are the students that want to study the math and sciences to provide answers to our perplexing problems?

Our teachers need to be paid a living wage. Why do sport figures, who don't provide anything except 'someone to be worshiped', make millions and teachers, who teach our children, aren't paid accordingly?

Children need to be disciplined. They need to be taught respect for people in authority and their elders.

Immigration needs to be addressed too. Those that come illegally need to be sent right back home, or jailed.

Jobs will make a comeback if companies are given the incentive, with tax breaks, etc, to provide them.

CEO's shouldn't get big bonuses unless their employees are getting raises too.

Safeguards need to be put in place so government workers can't pad their own pockets.

I'm a firm believer in term limits, not just for the president, but also for the congress and senate. When their terms are up, they need to go home and get a job, and work for their communities. They shouldn't get their wages for the rest of their lives...or their benefits. What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

Enough of my rant, but that is what I think.


Lana said...

I agree.

Fredd said...

I agree with Lana. BUT.....

There are two items on your conservative rant list that are not the views of the conservative movement, Grandma:

1. This is a liberal notion to say 'teachers need a living wage.' They get a living wage right now, Grandma. With the NEA unions and their ability to threaten strike, one could argue that public school teachers actually make more than they normally would under free market conditions. That they don't make the bucks that football stars makes is simple economics. How many teachers are there, and what are the skills needed to become one, vs how many football stars vs the skills, etc. The math is the math, regardless of the philosphy. And we still (so far) live in a capitalist society.

2. CEO pay: again, what anyone makes in a capitalistic society should not be determined by what is considered 'fair,' and to legislate this with a 'Pay Czar' is going down a terribly slippery slope of socialism. CEO's earn what they get based on the vote of the board of shareholders, and at times talent at this level is not apparent to you and me, but market forces still determine what we all make, and should not be determined by envy of others, or disagreements about the value of any one person as determined by anybody other than owners of the company (i.e shareholders).

Other than those two teensy little points, I agree with your other items on the list entirely. Keep it up, Grandma.

Linda said...

Thanks, Lana. Of course, you are my sister! Love you!

Fredd, thanks for visiting. You have some good points too!

Hannah said...

Really good post! I agree! Thanks for sharing!

Tesa said...

Great summary of your honest opinion!

jojo said...

you make some fantastic points...OMG does that make me a Republican???

Linda said...

Jojo, welcome to the club! LOL!!

Thanks Hannah for coming by.

See you soon, Tesa! Give the kiddos a kiss for me!

Grandma J said...

I think it's great that you stay informed. More people should. I personally don't care how rich anyone is, or what they get paid. I say kudos to them since we all came into this world at approximately the same weight and naked.

Penny said...

I agree with almost all of it. Fredd's second point sounds valid, but I'm agreeing with the second. I am a public school teacher that has 8 years of teaching experience and I make $33,000-34,000 a year, with no Christmas bonus or any extras. (Bigger cities make more, but most don't have more children per class or longer hours, or more paperwork.) Our income increases slightly with experience, but otherwise is based on our area's sales tax revenue. Poorer areas have poorer teachers. Our medical insurance is about $400 a month, I'm not sure exactly because my husband carries our family on his. If it were not for his job, my salary alone would not be enough to support just me, much less if I were a single mom. When you hear of the "average" teacher's salary, it's not only teachers pay averaged in. It is added in with superintendent salaries, some make six figures, higher paid principals and all other administrators that make up the school board office.
BTW, Mr. Fredd, I am NOT a union member because they support abortion and the liberal agenda. Therefore, I do not have personal liability insurance in case of a ridiculous lawsuit.
Sorry, Linda, I'm sincerely not trying to start a debate, but am really tired of hearing that the "average" teacher gets paid well. I have yet to meet him/her.

Linda said...

Thanks for visiting, Penny. I do agree with you, and the more I've thought about it, I see very few men teachers, with a stay at home wife. It seems like it takes two people to earn enough to make it.

My son works at a private Christian school, and I know he doesn't make enough. He also works a part-time job every night for benefits.

Grandma J, Good to hear from you. I love your point about how we all come into the world!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

I so agree with this post
Thanks for doing it