Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Life Goes On

Well, I thought I'd write a little on my blog today. It has been kind of an interesting week. On Sunday, our pastor resigned. They will probably be here for another 4-6 weeks, and then we will get to find a new man for the post.

They went to KC this week to enroll their daughter in college. I am letting the dogs out and feeding them in the morning. It doesn't take a lot of time, but just the time to do it 4 times a day. Maybe our new pastor won't have pets. This one has 2 dogs and 2 cats!

Lana, Chloe, and I went to town today to see Gloria. She was put in the hospital for some medical problems. Aren't you glad it wasn't for any other problems? She will probably be there until the weekend. For those of you who know her, she and her husband are moving! They have lived here their whole lives. It will be quite a change for them, and us! Who will play the organ?

Thursday, school starts. I am going to help in the first grade class again. It will just be Thursdays, from 9-11. Chloe will start kindergarten, and she is so excited!

The bathroom is done, the new cabinets are in place, and they are getting filled up. I don't think I have enough room, so I am getting rid of some stuff.

This past week I have run into, (not literally), two of the ladies that used to clean my house, when I could afford to have someone clean it. Lana told me I should ask for a refund, because it didn't take!:(!

Well, enough for now. Take care!

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Max & Mason said...

That is a shame about the pastor. I can't for the life of me understand why anyone would leave the glistening shores and snow capped peaks of... oh wait, nevermind ;D