Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Here are a couple of my wedding pictures that mean so much to me!

This is our wedding party!
My beautiful sisters:
Sherry, Toni and Lana

My beautiful Flower Girl
Karla Woodward
Our Ring Bearer 

Teddy Phillips
2 of Vern's brothers
Simon & Harold

Carlyle Gwin

Our reception line was held outside.  Don't you all wish you had a backdrop like we do!

Dad and Mom Cimino

Vern's mom - Hulda Goossen

Me, greeting my grandmother, Nannie Adams


Grandma Honey, and Grandpa Chuck

Lana and Simon behind people, along with my dad, Jim and Arlein Adams

Marc Goossen
Marc's parents: Aunt Rachel and Uncle Ed Goossen

Great Aunt Goldie Bell

Aunt June and Uncle Cress Cressler

It was a great day!


Joshua said...

I bet that hill is covered in houses. These are great picture!!!

Linda said...

Dad said they are covered by houses, and a golf course is where the campus was.

Isabel Cabrera said...

I admire the second photo soooo much! Your photographer did a great job in capturing this moment when both parties warmly accept both the bride and groom as part of a very happy family. And oh, the natural and refreshing backdrop is indeed stunning. Very nice! :’>>

Isabel Cabrera