Friday, June 22, 2012

7 Deadly Social Sins

Wealth without Work
I sometimes think that the Gold standard should be replaced by the work statndard.

Pleasure without Conscience
It seems that Western Civilization has gotten more materialistic and hedonistic.

Science without Humanity
The real question always seems to be not whether it can be done but if it should.

Education without Character
The intellect seems so insignificant when compared with ideas like integrity and love.

Politics without Principle
True leadership embraces humility while political power is all about pride.

Commerce without Morality
Greed is bad. Why do we want more? Why do we want to get the best of each other?

Worship without Sacrifice
Cheap grace is not grace at all. Worship that does not cause us to bow is fake.

H/T  Kansas Bob


Kansas Bob said...
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Kansas Bob said...

Thanks for sharing my reflections Linda! Have a great weekend!