Monday, March 8, 2010


This is QUEEN PELOSI'S NEW JET!!! And the Democrats talk about Sarah's dresses???

Queen Pelosi wasn't happy with the small USAF C-20B jet, Gulfstream III, that comes with the Speaker's job ... OH NO! Queen Pelosi was aggravated that this little jet had to stop to refuel, so she ordered a Big Fat, 200-seat, USAF C-32, Boeing 757 jet that could get her back to California without stopping! I understand that a former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, flew commerical most of the time.

Many, many legislators walked by and grinned with glee as Joe informed everyone of what Queen Nancy's Big Fat Jet costs us, the hard working American tax payers, literally thousands of gallons of fuel every week.

Since she only works 3 days a week, this gas guzzling jet gets fueled and she flies home to California every Friday and returns every Monday, at a cost to the taxpayers (YOU and ME are those taxpayers!) of about $60,000, one way!

As Joe put it ..."unfortunately we have to pay to bring her back on Monday night and that costs us another $60,000!" Taxpayers, that is $480,000 per month and that is an annual cost to us of $5,760,000!!!
No wonder she complains about the cost of this war ... It might cramp her style and she is styling on my back and yours. I think of the military families in this country doing without and this woman, who heads up the most do-nothing Congress in the history of our country, keeps fueling that jet while doing nothing.

Queen Pelosi wants you and me to conserve our carbon footprint. She wants us to buy smaller cars and Obama wants us to get a bicycle pump and air up our tires. Who do these people think they are??? Their motto is .. Don't do as I do .... JUST DO AS I SAY!

If you think this is outrageous, forward it to all those on your email list! Keep in mind the figures above do NOT include the cost of plane or crew ... just the fuel!!! One has to wonder what the total package costs us?
And on top of that ... now she wants to tax our IRA's & 401K's!

I have to put a PS on this. This is partly true, but there are some more facts at

It does seem like they all have way too many perks for their jobs.


Penny said...

Are you serious?!! If this is true, God help us. My husband comes home on his days off, too. But we pay the gas and wear and tear on our car, which we also paid for. This is ridiculous!
BTW Linda, Larry is taking an early retirement and coming home by May 1st. We are trusting God that he will find something here at home enough to supplement his retirement check. Just wanted to keep you up to date, if I hadn't already shared. =)

Linda said...

Penny, I had to put a PS on my post. Thanks for visiting.

I am so happy that Larry is coming back home. Since you already have a job, and he can take early retirement, that is probably best. Of course, you know better. I hope he'll find something there.

Have a great week.

Together We Save said...

Thanks for the eye opener!

American Yankee said...

Hi Just stopping by to say that I love your blog..

I followed you from Malcontents blog. You always leave those great comments there. And i always agree with you.

Missy said...

WoW!! This is just not right! I am passing this along!

Jo said...

Is this really for real??? I have never heard of anything so outrageous!

Barbara E Brink said...

Well I would be happy to pay for a one-way trip to California, but she keeps returning to D.C. after her Botox sessions.
I certainly don't understand how they can justify this kind of expense account. I really don't think it would go over for anyone else. But I guess she is "special."

Susannah said...

Seems like she fits March 10th post pretty well...