Friday, December 25, 2009

Presents for Christmas

The Perfect Gift!


Grandma J said...


DaBlade said...

Good one! :) Merry Christmas. I got a great tie. Best of all - my wife and I have all 3 kids under the same roof again for a little while longer!

Anonymous said...

From the reports we are receiving here in Argentina about the storms in the midwest, a snowblower would be a very practical gift. Here our problem is rain. Harold just returned from a neighbors where he climbed her roof and cleaned out the leaves from the drains.

Linda said...

Yeah, GJ, I snorted too! We could use one though!

I'm glad you got a great tie, DB. My hubby doesn't wear them anymore. We had our 3 kids and their families home for Thanksgiving, when we celebrated our Christmas.

Hey, Pris, I don't know where you'd get a 'rain-blower'! I think all guttering should come with wire or mesh to keep the leaves and junk out of the gutters!

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!