Sunday, July 20, 2008

Wonderful surprises!

Isn't it wonderful when the Lord gives us more than our needs? This week He provided a "want" for me. A few years ago, we bought some new furniture for the family room. The colors were wonderful, and we really liked it. However, the couch just didn't wear well. The cushions got "flat", and even though the salesman said he had new cores put in, I don't think he did. Well anyway, I've kind of been looking for a Charles Schneider sofa. My twin sis, Lana, has one that she has had for 5 years, and it still looks brand new, and sits like brand new, so I started looking for one.

I went to the local furniture store and told them what I was looking for, but they told me that they don't really buy from CS anymore, because they have to buy 10 sofas at a time. I told them I understood.

Then, the lady, Joann by name, told me she might have an idea. I had taken a pillow from my sofa in to her so she could see what colors I was looking for. One of her clients was moving into the retirement, independent apartments, and she had purchased 2 CS sofas 2 years ago, and only 1 would fit into her new apartment, so Joann took the pillow, and guess what!!! The colors are exactly the same! She called me, so Lana and I went to look at the sofa, and it is EXACTLY what I was looking for.

I told her I was very interested, and when she told me the price (about 1/2 of a new one, but this one is brand new!), I told her I wanted it. I asked when we could get it, and she said if we could come either yesterday, or today, she would open the door for us. Well, Larry was in town with the pickup, and Vern was in town doing a job. We all met at VI for lunch, and then went and got the sofa, brought it out to the house, took Vern back to his job, and I am enjoying the sofa!

Isn't it beautiful?


Phil said...

Very Pretty! I am so happy for you! I love to see how God provides not only for our needs, but also for our wants. Thanks for posting about it!

Phil said...

opps- that comment was from me, Tesa. I forgot I'm logged in as Phil. :)

darla said...

What a beautiful couch--such pretty colors! I have been looking for a new couch for 2 years and have never found one in the color and fabric I'm looking for. So glad you found yours--it looks very well made too. Enjoy your blessing from the Lord.