Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Mingo Excitement

Well, who says there is never any excitement in the ole' town of Mingo! Last night, the crew came to put up the new electrical poles! It was so much fun watching the big trucks and the men positioning the pole in Aunt Lana's yard. Of course, it didn't go without incident...they cut the phone line!

Here are some pictures of our 'excitement'!

It was fun watching the men handle the pole and get it into the hole, and how they plumbed it, and then finish the job.

Who says life in Mingo is boring?


Tesa said...

I'm sure my boys would have found that very thrilling!

Linda Goossen said...

My BIG boy found it interesting!

Anonymous said...

by the way there 15000 volts flowing through these lines that would kind of fry a guy . they were hot all the time .

Phil said...

I was cutting some hot lines last weekend helping one of my buddies move his electrical service on his house. There was only 120v flowing through those lines though.