Monday, June 16, 2014

Family Reunion 6 13 2014

This weekend, we first of all celebrated our 98th wedding anniversary on June 13th! That is 49 years for him, and 49 years for me. Next year it will be 100! LOL!
Don't we look young!

We also had a sibling reunion of my hubby's brothers and sisters. The spouses were invited, and most came, and most had at least on child there. We had a blast. We met in the breakfast room of the motel that most of the family stayed at. We had a lot of fun reminiscing about our lives together. The mother, Hulda Goossen is 93 and lives in the nursing home, so most of those that came made it over to see her.
Hulda Goossen

We ate a good lunch of pizza and salad, and then the 'kids' all went to the new pool we have in Colby. They all had so much fun. The only part that might entice me to put on a suit is the lazy river, but I managed to overcome the temptation!

We went to the steak house for supper, and laughed and talked for a long time. We decided we need to do a reunion a lot more often.

Our immediate family was all here except the two oldest grands, and daughter's hubby. That made just us 18, so we were the most of the family that was there.

Saturday night we had a wild wind storm, and our little granddaughters were frightened, but they finally went to sleep.

On Sunday, everybody scattered hither and yon, and made it to their homes safely.

These are the 5 Cornelius and Hulda Goossen Boys:
Clockwise: Vern, Harold, Andrew, Simon and Timothy
The daughters, Othelia and Arleta were also there.

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