Saturday, February 23, 2013

Our Kansas Blizzard of 2013

I'm sure you all have been wondering if we survived our blizzard.  The storm dropped enough snow to make it the second biggest storm since records have been set.  I think we got about 6", and lots more out east.  We've just been hunkered down, and grateful that the power wasn't lost.  We didn't have much wind with it either.

This picture is a symbol of what the kids will be doing this afternoon!  (By the way, we have another storm expected in the next few days.)  The moisture is sorely needed!


Kansas Bob said...

Funny pic Linda. We got about 12" in KC. Another storm coming tomorrow night. :(

Tesa said...

We all need the moisture! It makes for good crops!
The inconvenience of a storm never lasts long, either...a day or two and everyone is back to normal. I'm so glad you have a warm cozy home in which to wait out the storm!