Saturday, October 1, 2011

My Surgery

Well, as most of you know, we (Vern and Lana and myself) went to Denver last Tuesday for my surgery.

We got there around 5, rush hour traffic!  We went to my brother's house in Greeley, rather than spending over $100/night for a motel.  He live a long way north, but we could spend lots of money for gas!

On Wednesday morning, we were at the hospital (Littleton Adventist) by 6AM.  We were early, but that was okay.

I was taken to the pre-op around 7 AM, got dressed in the beautiful hospital gown, IV's started, questions answered, met with the PA (Karen), the anesthesiologist, and finally my surgeon (J. Adair Prall, MD).

My surgery was scheduled for 9 AM, but we were a little late.  By this time I'd had my first dose of 'sleepy juice' and I wasn't aware of anything for a number of hours.  Lana and Vern were kept notified of what was happening.

It took over an hour for the hole to be drilled in my skull, and then another 3 hours for the cyst to be removed.  Dr. Prall told them that he had to cauterize a vein over (or under?) the artery, but felt that he'd gotten it all, and that I'd be in the 80% of those that have a good turnout.  My face doesn't hurt anymore!

I was catherized, intubated, and operated on!

I went to the recovery room, and was there for over 2 hours.  The first thing I remember is being in the ICU, with the nurses telling me to drink some water, got me a 'vomit' bucket, but I didn't need it, covered me with those wonderful warm sheets, because I was freezing.  I turned over in bed, turned back, ate some ice chips, and I think said 'Good bye' to Lana and Vern.  They'd been at the hospital for 12 hours, too.

Throughout the night I got more alert, drank more, moved and coughed.  I had lots of pain, so I got my share of the morphine that night.

In the morning, I got some breakfast, and that was good.  It had been over 40 hours since I'd eaten anything.  I kind of remember the nurse practioner coming by, but none of the doctors.  (They are busy, you know!)  The PA for the anesthesia doctor also came by.

I was seen by physical therapy, the medical review girl, (she had the privilege of talking to Vic.  She liked him, I think.   I do!  They went over my plan of care for when I would get home.

At 10:30 PM, I was transferred to the surgery floor. I had been drinking lots of water, peeing, walking, and eating, so it was time to give up my room for another sick person.  I had my vitals taken again (all normal), covered up, and slept like a well person.

I was able to get up and shower, walk the hall, eat breakfast, and speak to some other personnel, and was released around 11AM.  We made it home about 5 PM, and went to bed around 7:30.  It was so good to sleep in my own bed.

I am feeling pretty good.  I have a dull headache, but the incision looks clean and is not draining.  I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, so I have to change my diet, and go on an insulin medication.  I think I can handle it.

Thank you to all of you who prayed.  How I appreciated it.  Thanks for my daughter, Carole, who kept everyone updated.

I am on the road to recovery.  There is no more pain in my face, I have my hearing in my left ear, which is a good thing.  My scalp still feels numb, but I'm sure it will recover too.  I made the 80% of a successful surgery, at least in my eyes.  Guess we'll see what the DR says when I go back for a recheck.  That will probably be in 4 weeks.  I see Vic on Monday.


Carole said...

Very glad it worked & that you are back home recovering!

Love you, mom!

jojo said...

what a relief to hear that your surgery went well and that you are safely home where it is much more comfortable! You will handle the diabetes with the same courage and strength that you handle every other obstacle that comes your way...I am sure of it. take care.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord the surgery is behind you and you are in that 80% of successful results. We continue to pray for a good recovery. Pris

Kansas Bob said...

What great news Linda! I rejoice with you and all who prayed.

Lois O'Brien said...

I'm so thankful that things went well for you and that you are on the road to recovery. You have certainly been in my prayers.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad she is back to no pain, cause we never knew when this would hit. back to regular kiss without the fear of making it hurt her--good. I love you dear.


Mamma has spoken said...

So thankful that you are NOT in that 20% statistic. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.

Tesa said...

Thanks for sharing! Love you and so thankful everything seemed to go so well.

Snigglefrits said...

Glad all went well! Hope you're 100% in no time at all! :)

Penny said...

Ditto to all the above comments~ well.... except Vern's, although very sweet. lol May you continue to recover and heal with no more headaches. :)

Linda said...

Thanks to all of you for the kind comments. I'm still woozy, but feeling better, I think. Still have the numbness in my scalp, but I'm sure it will be better soon.

Thanks for all your prayers.

Tim Goossen said...

We are very thankful to the Lord that all went well. Mom told us about the surgery so we were able to pray. We shared the request at church too (for prayer meeting), for your good recovery. God bless you.

The Conservative Lady said...

I'm happy to hear that your surgery went so well. You'll be in my prayers for a full and complete recovery. God Bless You.

Mrs. Tuna said...

So glad you're getting better.

Leticia said...

I had no idea you had been sick.

Praise God for this good report.

jojo said...

just stopping by to see how you are doing...take care.

Linda said...

Since Jojo asked, I'm doing well. I'm supposed to call the neurosurgeon today to check in.

NO PAIN! Still some numbness in my face and scalp, but for having brain surgery, I'm great!

Linda said...

Here's a followup! I have had no pain in my face. The deadened part of my scalp is back to normal.

My primary Dr. says my blood sugars are normal, so no diagnosis of diabetes...yea! I am on Junevia, for prevention!

Life is good! The Lord is so powerful to give people the wisdom to know what to do for sick people.

My friends are great. It has been over 9 months since the surgery, and I feel great!

Thank you, my friends and cyber friends. I love you all!

Lana said...

We are all so thankful for Linda's recovery. Praise the Lord.