Friday, August 12, 2011

Cyberknife, Cysts, & Cats

Well, we got back from Denver and the Dr. at the cyberknife clinic.  After 2 MRI's and a CT scan, the Dr. said I need to see a neurosurgeon, because I have an Arachnoid cyst that is on the Trigeminal Bundle of nerves.  He doesn't think the cyberknife will help, and I will probably have to have surgery.  Now, I'm not too keen with that news.  I mean, brain surgery is brain surgery.  The article says it is minimal, but, still....

We are going to wait until I talk to the neurosurgeon before any decisions are made.  We will do a lot of praying too, that we make the right one.

Let me tell you though, the MRI's were not fun. I had one at 1:15 PM and then the other one at 6:15.  The second one was a contrast with a dye injected.  2 hours in one of those machines can make one claustrophobic!  I'm glad I'm not.

I was pleased because my brother, David, came to eat lunch with us, and that was fun.  He loves my hubby!  The whole family always asks where he, the hubby, is if he's not with us.

We made it home yesterday evening, completely exhausted.  My twin sister drove us out to Denver.  How I love and appreciate her!

I'll let you know what we decide to do, when we decide!

Now a funny story:

My twin, Lana, has a cat.  This cat, who is called Katy Kat, is your typical, eccentric cat.  She hates it when my sister is gone over night.  She is always wondering if now is the time she will starve to death!

Yesterday, when we got home, the cat was so pleased to know that someone was there to open the can of food.  She was so glad, she let my sister sleep in until around 6 AM.

While my sis was sitting on her couch today, the cat kept meowing.  Finally, my sister asked her what she wanted.  She kept meowing and walked down the hall.  My sister followed her to the guest room.  The cat sat down in the middle of the room, meowed, and looked up.  My sister followed her gaze, and spied a baby mouse on top of the curtains.  She told the cat she'd knock it down, but the cat better get it.

She knocked it off the curtain rod, and the cat caught the mouse.  She took it back to the living room, and my sister told her she had to take it to the garage.  The cat went right to the garage door, and went out.  When she was done with whatever a cat does to mice, she 'knocked' on the door and came back in.

I guess cats understand 'English' too!


jojo said...

oh, how frustrating. I will be praying for guidance so that the Lord directs you to the right decision, and that all goes well. Like you say brain surgery is brain surgery no matter how you slice it..ha.

That cat is amazing, your sis should go on Americas got talent! Funny girl.

Hannah said...

I'm sorry Linda. I'll be praying for you!

Phil said...

You will do fine with the brain surgery. I want you to not have the pain anymore. I know that it is scary but the benefits outweigh the temporary anxiety.
I Love You MOM!!

Karen Deborah said...

I'll be praying for you. Have had brain surgery myself a big operation and now I have an excuse for saying dumb stuff. It'll be ok. That is one smart cat. The worst part about surgery is the unknown and fear but you'll be taken care of well. When they do brain stuff you have your own nurse!