Monday, June 13, 2011

Happy Anniversary!

Pickles Cartoon for Jun/12/2011

Happy Anniversary, sweet husband of mine!  I love you more and more!
Today marks 46 years, and counting!


jojo said...

Gorgeous dress...and bride/groom! Happy Anniversary you two..;j

The Conservative Lady said...

Happy Anniversary! May you enjoy many more happy & healthy years together. God Bless You.

Linda said...

I forgot to say that we have been married for 46 years! Wow! All that with one man!

Portia said...

Happy Anniversary! Love the wedding photo!

My Metabolic Rate is Stuck said...

Gorgeous dress and I *loved* the cartoon! Happy Day to you and your hubby!

Penny said...

Sweet! Happy Anniversary!
BTW You must have edited it, because it does say 46 years. :)
The word verification word is "triumpe". Pretty accurate for today's post. ;)

Kim said...

Happy Anniversary. That is a beautiful photo.

Linda said...

Thanks to all for your kind comments. Yes,I did go edit it. After all, 46 years is a 'triumpe'!

I got a beautiful, sentimental card and lots of green stuff to go buy something! He also fixed supper!

I heard from all the kids, and others through out the day. All in all,it has been really nice!