Saturday, March 26, 2011

Grandfather's Birthday

I read this this morning in 'Dear Annie' and wanted to share it with you. My sister-in-law came to town yesterday to see her mom who is in a home. It reminded me that we need to see and visit with our parents, grand-parents, or even our older friends while we still can. Please enjoy, and if possible, go see someone today. Have a great day, dear readers.

It Was Grandfather's Birthday

by Rudy Joe Mano (reprinted with permission)

It was Grandfather's birthday. He was 79. He got up early, shaved, showered, combed his hair and put on his Sunday best so he would look nice when they came.

He skipped his daily walk to the town cafe where he had coffee with his cronies. He wanted to be home when they came.

He put his porch chair on the sidewalk so he could get a better view of the street when they drove up to help celebrate his birthday.

At noon, he got tired but decided to forgo his nap so he could be there when they came.

Most of the rest of the afternoon he spent near the telephone so he could answer it when they called.

He has five married children, 13 grandchildren and three great-grandchildren. One son and a daughter live within 10 miles of his place. They hadn't visited him for a long time.

But today was his birthday and they were sure to come.

At suppertime, he left the cake untouched so they could cut it and have dessert with him. After supper, he sat on the porch waiting.

At 8:30, he went to his room to prepare for bed. Before retiring, he left a note on the door that read:

"Be sure to wake me when you come."

It was Grandfather's Birthday. He was 79.


Carole said...

This is heartbreaking :(

I love you, mom. Do you want me to come see you?

Linda said...

Yes it is, Carole. That is why we drug all of you kids to see G'ma Nannie when she was in the home, and why I encourage you to go see G'ma G when you are here.

Aunt Arleta was here yesterday, and G'ma didn't know who she was. She had forgotten in the time A went to eat lunch. She knew us today.

You know you are welcome anytime. All of you are. I wish we all lived closer!

I'm okay!

Grandma J said...

Pass the tissues! This scenario is played out too often in so many famiies. Thank you for the reminder, Linda. And...thank you for the warm welcome back!

Penny said...

That is pitiful and sadly enough happens too often. I accidentally forgot to call my Poppa Dad one birthday. Of course, when I called the next day to apologize my Mimi promptly told me that he'd waited up later than usual because "Penny always calls." I felt lower than dirt and it NEVER happened again. I loved my grandparents more than life~ still do, but they are no longer present here. Only in the memories and the shrine to them in my living room.
I hope people see this and realize the treasure God has given them in having grandparents. Never take that for granted. I was completely blessed with SIX and loved every one of them with my whole heart! I was immensely blessed to have them all for 21 years and the my last two grandmothers for 42!
Thanks for posting this, Linda. :)

Penny said...

Yes, Carole~ this was a hint. lol
PS Linda, did I ever tell you that when I first saw your blog header, I about died! You look so much like my Mimi (MUCH younger version). That is a high compliment~ she was beautiful til the day He took her home~ at 84. And she was my heart! :)

Linda said...

Oh, Grandma J, it is so good to hear from you!

Thank you, Penny. I count it as a compliment that I look like your 'mimi'!

Mamma has spoken said...

I'm needing a tissue right now too...