Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Humor of My Family

We are going to have a family reunion this summer, and these are the responses I received from my children about accommodations for the weekend. Of course, mom wasn't such a slacker, either! We had a lot of fun with this. I hope you will enjoy our conversations.

C: I'd like to take this opportunity to reserve my room at the Red Roof Inn of Mingo, please. I'm not sure who all will be with me, but possibly 3 :oj

Me: Pleased to be assured, Madam. Your rooms have been reserved. Would you like to guarantee this with a credit card?

All parties have been notified about the event. Mr. J. Goossen received the original invite, and the reserving party noticed that you, and Mr. P. Goossen were omitted from the list.

Our sincere apologies!


L.R. Goossen, MGR

Red Roofed Inn or Mingo

C: Thank you, kindly, for the forwardization of the original invitation. I will reserve with a credit card number... I believe I have your Discover Card number around her somewhere!


Me: I’m sorry, Ma’m,

That credit card is no longer available. Please try another!

L.R. Goossen, MGR

Red Roofed Inn, Mingo

P: We also would like to reserve a room or two for SEVEN! (what were we thinking?!?!?!?)


ps we do not know what a credit card is so please put it on my account.

Me: Dear Mr. PJ Goossen,

I have a room especially for you, and your lovely family. Seven? Wow! I don’t know what you were thinking, but I’d assume you were thinking about what you were thinking when you were thinking. Or something like that!

Your account seems to be in arrears, so would you kindly please correct that? I think some hugs and kisses from some short ones would pay up the account quite nicely.

Yours sincerely,

LR Goossen, MGR

Red Roofed Inn, Mingo

C: No worries... I'll share that Discover Card number I have with you! :oj

What were you thinking?? HEY! This will probably be the first time I'll get to see your "little tiebreaker". oooo this makes the trip even MORE exciting!


J: For some reason I have been copied on this string of emails. However, I need to reserve for eight (8) if there is room in the inn for July 2 – 4, 2010 . I have check prices and yours seems to be the best deal for provided information. My travel agent is not available so regrettably I will make the reservations myself…I hate to fit this stuff in my busy schedule.

I do have some questions about the accommodations:

1. Do you have down feather pillows? I would hate to damage my perfect hair. And there should be a chocolate for us every evening on my pillow.

2. Down feather beds? My back prefers a good firm bed.

3. Clean sheets and towel every evening…I get this at other Hotels.

4. I would like a full breakfast bar in the morning for the price…I think it should be included. Maybe even lunch and supper with some snacks and deserts.

5. Is there a good view of the ocean or mountains?

6. A private wash room?

7. I do not want an exercise facility because I prefer this to be a relaxing weekend with no exercise what-so-ever.

8. Free Wi-Fi. I will have to keep up on business.

9. And will I have points added to my Preferred Membership Rewards card for future accommodations.

I am having problems finding a flight to your city! Where is the closest airport?

Do you rent vehicles or do you provide a shuttle to the events listed and a pick up from the airport? Please advise.

Thank you

Josh Goossen

Regional Operations Specialist

Me: Dear Mr. J. Goossen

I am pleased to inform you that you have booked the last available room for said weekend. The accommodations should meet your expectations. We have some problems with WiFy, but I’m sure the festivities we’ve planned for your visit will more than make up for any shortcomings in that department.

We do have down pillows…they are down in your room. We will have an experienced hair dresser for your personal needs.

We will provide a chocolate something for your pillow each evening.

Your sheets will be clean when you arrive, and we will let you make them up to your specification. The towels are clean, at least when you start the weekend.

We will have a full breakfast bar. We have some delicious varieties of cold cereal, and milk, and juice, and coffee. There will be some toast and butter if needed. Lunch and dinner will be ala carte.

There is an unobstructed view of either the mountains to the west, or the ocean to the east. I’m sure the scenery will be to your liking.

There is a private wash room if you get there early enough to lock the door before the other guests make their way there.

Points will be double for your visit.

I do apologize for the lack of airline service at this time. We do have an airport, but the service isn’t what it should be. Please rent your vehicle at the closest town, and drive.

We look forward to your stay at the Red Roofed Inn of Mingo.


L.R. Goossen, MGR


Carole said...

We are supa' hilarious! Of course, no one outside of our family GETS our humor usually LOLz.

Hannah said...

Cute!! Sounds like a fun family.

Lana said...

I think it is great the way you and the kids get along.

Phil said...

So what weekend was this supposed to happen?

Linda said...

July 3, 2010!

Thanks, all, for your comments! We do have fun!

Penny said...

cute! =)