Sunday, August 17, 2008


It is always so nice when family comes to visit. My brother, Dave, his wife, Regina, her mom, Jean, and their daughter, Katherine came this weekend for a visit. Mingo is a good place to come to get away from the rush and busyness of the big cities!

The came on Friday night, and stayed until Sunday morning. On Saturday, we had fun fixing omlets for breakfast, letting Jean pick out many cards that I paint, and then going out to lunch.

We had a wonderful lunch at China Buffet. Their food is so-o-o good. Aunt Lana came too.

After lunch we went sight-seeing around Colby. Jean, Regina's mom, who is 84, is so much fun. She couldn't believe we had so 'much' in Colby. She oohed and awed about the college, the courthouse, Wal-mart, the park, the community building, and all the other sites in town.

They made it to 5:30 mass, and then came back to the house for supper. We watched the olympics, and Michael Phelps win that 8th gold medal. We finally made it to bed around 10:30.

All in all, we had a great time, visiting and eating! Come anytime, family! We love all of you!

Friday, August 15, 2008

It Is Always Something!

You know, the excitement in Mingo just seems to never quit! We had the new high lines hung, and now we have another scenario! We were getting ready to leave for Omaha, after a night of rain, and in the morning, Vern saw a big hole in our back yard. Well, the lid of the septic tank had rusted through, and it fell in! We went to Omaha, and Vern contemplated what would need to be done.

We got home, and he started digging with the skid loader. He took the old tank out in pieces, which you can see at the end of this blog, and put the new one in. (Lana's daughter-in-law, Liza, asked where he was going to get a new one. Lana told her, "He has one." She said, "But, of course!") Here are some pictures of the process.

This one gives you an idea of how big the tank is, and how deep the hole is!

Modern Art in Mingo


Monday, August 4, 2008


My wonderful husband and I have been discussing the subject of kissing. Now, I know all of you that read my blog on a regular basis know all about kissing. It is one of the best ways our Lord has made for 'lovers' to keep in touch!

Well, the other morning, around 5:30am, I was in that 'dream-like' early morning state, and all of a sudden I felt the most wonderful sensation of soft, romantic, loving lips on mine! Now, my wonderful husband and I have been married for 43 years, and the rest of you have some catching up to do, but that kiss was better than our first one! Nothing else happened! He was on his way out the door to drive the semi!

I told my wonderful husband about the kiss, and he's been trying really hard to try and capture that feeling again, because he really likes to please me. All of the kissing we have been doing would probably elicit many responses of, "GET A ROOM!" Well, we have lots of rooms, but let me tell you, it has been nice around the house!

I hope I haven't embarassed any of you!

The Future Picture of US!